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Because in 2022, any organization without a comprehensive multi-layered security solution is a sitting duck. With automated tools increasingly available for hackers to penetrate the legacy antivirus solutions of thousands of businesses per second, you can't afford NOT to be protected.

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We have spoken to scores of businesses this year who are too embarrassed to admit they have been a victim during this surge in cybercrime. If you aren't protected, it's no longer a matter of if but when. This book tells that story.

David Littrell, CSO, Cosaint Technologies

"The ransomware scourge may be even worse than widely believed as
most business
executives hide cyberattacks, a new survey finds."

"Most incidents
do not get made public,"
Ian McShane, field technology officer at Arctic Wolf, Told Fox Business on 09/26/21

"One-third (32%) of businesses experienced a
six-figure breach last year"
as pandemic cybercrime is on the rise, "up 600% since March 2020."

To demonstrate how we secure your systems, update infrastructure, and reduce technology costs, we would like to offer you a free, no-obligation, no-sales-pressure 3 Steps to Cybersecurity Compliance, Network Health, and Cost Mitigation:

  1. Cyberscore - We will come out to conduct our proprietary Cyberscore assessment, designed to shine a light on inefficiencies and vulnerabilities that cost you money.

  2. IT Systems Analysis - I'll have one of my senior technicians conduct an extensive audit of your network's security and overall health using a series of stress tests and tools.

  3. Executive Report - Our vCIO will review our report findings with your executives and technology team for a comprehensive understanding of your current IT situation.

When finished, we’ll give you a report of findings that will let you know if your data and computer network are ready to handle the demands of the 2022 while ensuring proper back ups and security against data loss, phishing attacks, downtime, or other expensive disasters. 

Cosaint Specializes in
Cost & Risk Mitigation

For over 20 years, fantastic Florida organizations like yours have trusted Cosaint Technologies to reduce costs and improve productivity. Curious how it works?

Set a 1 hour, no cost, no sales pressure CyberScore appointment with one of our engineers to discover where you could be saving time, money, and headache.


There are only two possible results from this 1 hour investment of your time:

You get a plan to implement yourself

You'll love and possibly be shocked by what we uncover, but decide to implement our suggestions on your own. If that's the case, we'll wish you the best of luck and hope you'll keep us in mind for your organization's future projects.



You opt for some expert assistance

You'll love the plan but may not have the time, resources, or expertise to put it into action. Fortunately, that's been our specialty for two decades and we'd be glad to help. You'll become not just a client, you'll become family. 


Small Inefficiencies Add Up To BIG Costs

If we could prove that your organization is losing thousands,
and is at risk of hard losses that could total in the millions,
wouldn't you want to know about it?

Why does this happen?

Having worked for over 20 years with Florida businesses, we've identified three key reasons this continues to happen:


Cybersecurity and compliance catastrophes

With more automated tools than ever, attacks against small businesses are up 67% year over year. When the inevitable happens, the losses add up fast. There's an instant hit to your organization's productivity, then a massive cost to restore backups (assuming they were protected), and finally a huge infrastructure cost to fix the inherent vulnerabilities themselves.

Our CyberScore is designed to uncover areas you may be exposed to proactively prevent catastrophe.



Persistent IT and phone system problems

Employees are regularly spending inefficient time fixing IT problems, restarting computers, and trying to figure out why customers can't hear them clearly on the phone. They spend money paying people for things that don't increase your cash flow, resulting in mistakes, missed deadlines, and costly overtime.

Businesses are often surprised how much this affects their bottom line. CyberScore will show you where to plug those productivity gaps to maximize production. 


Lack of cost-effective technology planning

Many businesses rely on a patchwork of technology that is aging, incompatible, or simply poorly implemented. Even just 5 minutes per day dealing working around these issues in a 10 person company results in over 104,000 minutes per year of unnecessary time spent dealing with obsolete tech.

CyberScore will help you save money where you can and instead spend it where it matters most - areas that help your organization's bottom line.

Dr. Greg H. - Owner of an eight location practice

"The smartest move
we've made"

Step 1 - CyberScore

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