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Consulting and vCIO Services

Every company’s needs are different, which is why we offer premium services for those that want a more concierge approach to their technology infrastructure.

Virtual CIO Service

Every business should have a Chief Information Officer but very few can afford (or find) one. With our vCIO service, Cosaint has you covered!

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IT Consulting Service

Technology should not be a foreign language and our team works diligently with our clients to simplify the process and the implementation.


Training and Procedures

Partnering with us means you will have the peace of mind that comes from proven methodologies and best practices so you can move forward.

Cosaint's team of recognized experts provides decades of combined experience

Nonprofits and small businesses need the same technology advice and planning as large enterprises, but often do not have the resources for a full-time technology executive on their team. Cosaint's vCIO program provides the technical guidance that you need to ensure your technology infrastructure and services are supporting your organization’s strategic objectives.


We provide you with trusted strategic IT guidance you need at an affordable price. Your assigned vCIO becomes an integral part of your team and would sit in on executive and/or board meetings as needed to remain closely connected to your organization’s objectives. Our goal is to help you navigate the ever changing landscape of technology allowing you to focus on your mission.

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Our vCIO and Consulting Services Provide

Experience in expertise in areas such as Technology Planning, Project Management, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Business Analysis, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), IT Budgeting and Road-mapping, Cloud Services, Vendor Management, Software/Hardware selection and Change Management as well as many others. 

A Vast Amount of Experience

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service, that’s why we ask for your feedback after every interaction. Our team will treat you with respect and address your issues using terminology you can understand. Our engineers know their platforms, but more importantly have a background in customer service and want to help.

IT Hardware and Software Consulting

When your business needs demand a customized solution, let us design the hardware and/or software to help you stand out from your competition. Our development team has a breadth of knowledge that will take your needs from concept to creation and from app to application for internal or external projects. From strategizing about your needs, to training your staff on how to maximize your investment, we are passionate about being in touch with our clients.

Continuous IT Systems Improvement

As your business and infrastructure changes, so do your Information Technology needs. Cosaint is flexible and scalable, offering options for customization. We think of consulting as a posture, not a project. We understand support and guidance are part-in-parcel to success so we provide multiple support resources backed by a team of dedicated professionals - real people who know and care. Here for you, not hiding from you.

Engagement for Procedures and Practice

Engage your team through classroom-style online and onsite education that develops and . We reinforce procedures and best practices by using straight talk, not tech talk. We work with business administrators and employee individuals or groups, at their discretion and frequency, to provide the best procedures, processes and the training to make sure they are adopted.

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