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Building Technology Services

We understand that your technology needs aren’t contained inside your office. You have concerns and requirements that are in your building and act as the precursor to maintaining a functioning network. 

Managed ISP Services


Structured Cabling

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Building Access


Advanced Video Surveillance


WiFi-6 Networks


Analog Device Integration

If it is not a Part of the Solution,

It is part of the Problem

Since 2001, we have built a reputation based on results and complete client satisfaction. We have learned over the years that bringing the oddly necessary and often difficult to source building technology into our solution can make the difference between total satisfaction or just "OK". Cosaint strives to bring all the pieces of the technology puzzle together to offer a complete solution at the most competitive price point available.  

Security Surveillance
Our Building Technology

Selecting the right internet provider can mean the difference between a productive network and a constant outage. We broker multiple internet providers and take the guess work out of shopping for the best one. Let us help you find the bandwidth that best serves your company’s needs with evergreen promotional pricing.

Managed ISP

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service, that’s why we ask for your feedback after every interaction. Our team will treat you with respect and address your issues using terminology you can understand. Our engineers know their platforms, but more importantly have a background in customer service and want to help.

Structured Cabling

Whether you’ve relocated to a new building or need updates to increase your network speed and capacity, we can help. Our structured cabling service allows you the opportunity to build your network from the ground up.

Building Access

Cosaint provides scalable and flexible access control solutions that seamlessly integrate with your building. The solution combines user interface devices, system hardware and access control management software. Benefits include improved people flow and security by integrating your access control system with your network. It also provides easy planning, installation and operation (one system, one partner) that is easy to scale and adapt if your needs change.

Advanced Video

Seeing is believing, and what better way to protect your office environment than with video surveillance. From the hardware to the monitoring network system, we can help you maintain a visual on your office space.

WiFi-6 Network

The future of WiFi is here and it is WiFi 6. Whether you need 5 or 500 wireless access points, Cosaint can deploy an advanced network with the ultimate speeds and efficiency that you need to make the most out of WiFi 6 devices. Providing up to 4X more capacity with a 40% increase in data throughput, Wifi 6 is 100% backwards compatible and provides 12 live streams at once. With Cosaint, the future of WiFi is here.

Analog Device

Whether it is interfacing with an old analog paging system, fax machine, alarm system or door phones, Cosaint provides connection to that oddly necessary old technology that is often a problem. This is something that our competitors can't (or won't) do.

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