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Featured Assisted Living Facility

Infrastructure Refresh Completed January 2022


“Our 12 building 520 room facility opened in 1984. Over the years, our infrastructure had aged rapidly and we struggled to keep up with the demands of new technologies our residents and staff had come to rely on. We needed to fully assess our needs with a reputable vendor and have them help us design a comprehensive solution instead of a band-aid fix,” said Brian Robare, CEO of EAC.

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We have spoken to scores of businesses this year who are too embarrassed to admit they have been a victim during this surge in cybercrime. If you aren't protected, it's no longer a matter of if but when. This book tells that story.

David Littrell, CSO, Cosaint Technologies

"The ransomware scourge may be even worse than widely believed as
most business
executives hide cyberattacks, a new survey finds."

"Most incidents
do not get made public,"
Ian McShane, field technology officer at Arctic Wolf, Told Fox Business on 09/26/21

"One-third (32%) of businesses experienced a
six-figure breach last year"
as pandemic cybercrime is on the rise, "up 600% since March 2020."


Last, as a Florida ALF, we would like to offer you a free, no-obligation, no-sales-pressure

3 Steps to ALF Cybersecurity Compliance, Network Health, and Cost Mitigation:

  1. Cyberscore - We will come out to conduct our proprietary ALF specific Cyberscore assessment, designed to shine a light on inefficiencies and vulnerabilities.

  2. IT Systems Analysis - I'll send one of my senior technicians to conduct an extensive audit of your network's security and overall health using a series of tests.

  3. Executive Report - Our vCIO will review our report findings with your executives and technology team for a comprehensive understanding of your current IT situation.

When finished, we’ll give you a report of findings that will let you know if your data and computer network really are properly backed up and secured against, data loss, phishing attacks, or other expensive, data-erasing disasters. 

Cosaint Specializes in
Cost & Risk Mitigation

For over 20 years, Florida Retirement Communities have trusted Cosaint Technologies to reduce costs
and improve productivity. Curious how it works?

Set a 1 hour, no cost, no sales pressure CyberScore appointment with one of our engineers to discover where you could be saving time, money, and headache.


There are only two possible results from this 1 hour investment of your time:

You get a plan to implement yourself

You'll love and possibly be shocked by what we uncover, but decide to implement our suggestions on your own. If that's the case, we'll wish you the best of luck and hope you'll keep us in mind for future projects.



You opt for some expert assistance

You'll love the plan but may not have the time, resources, or expertise to put it into action. Fortunately, that's been our specialty for two decades and we'd be glad to help. You'll become not just a client, you'll become family. 

Step 1 - CyberScore

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